Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you operate?
A: We see ourselves as a one stop shop, and can assist you with the procurement transport and clearing of your goods, we also do freight forwarding where you bring your goods to us and we transport and clear to your destination.

Q: Do you have clearing agents?
A: Yes, we do, we can assist with Clearing at all borders.

Q: Can you do exports documents?
A: Yes, we can do the complete set of exporting documents and POD’S post export.

Q: How does the SADC Certificate work?
A: SADC Certificate can only be obtained on goods manufactured in RSA, the use of this certificate results in reduced duty rates payable at the border.

Q: What does your service cost?
A: Please contact us via email for a detailed quote, as each requirement has its own pricing structures.

Q: What do documents cost?
A: A standard set of documents will cost R650.00 per set, subject to additions to the requirements.

Q: Where do you export to?
A: Currently we focus on Zambia in regards to consolidated loads with our own trucks, for consolidated loads to other countries such as Botswana. Zimbabwe, Malawi and DRC we make use of 3rd parties. However, full loads we can transport anywhere in Southern Africa, contact us for a quote.

Q: Will my goods be insured?
A: Yes, all our goods are insured at 1% of the commercial value of goods. However, second-hand goods as well as household goods cannot be insured.

Q: What is your turnaround time?
A: We strive to deliver goods as soon as possible, with limitation to border control and delays, under normal circumstances goods will reach Lusaka within 4-6 days.

Q: Do you send pre-clearing documents?
A: Yes, this is normally sent 2-3days before the truck leaves RSA, allowing enough time for the clearing agent to send you the estimate and for you to make payment before the truck arrives at the border.

Q: How long do you allow for clearing?
A: We allow 24hrs for clearing from the time the truck arrives at the border.

Q: Do you charge demurrage?
A: Not normally, but if there is clear intent to delay the truck then demurrage has to be charged.

Q: Where do you offload?
A: Consolidated loads are offloaded in Lusaka at our offices. If, we have enough items to justify a truck to Kitwe/Mkushi, we will load a truck to deliver. Full dedicated loads will be delivered to your destination.

For any other questions please feel free to email us, we will gladly assist.